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Beyond STS: Helping Families Choose the Right High School for their Needs
Lyn-Felice Calvin, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

To help demystify the often complicated high school selection and application process, STS developed a Student Outplacement Program that offers a comprehensive array of resources, guidance and support for students and their families to help them choose the school that is the right fit for them.

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Why Middle Schoolers Should Have a Voice in Curriculum Development
Alex Colledge, Director of the Middle School

When tweens have a voice in key decisions, they can tap into their interests and start to develop their passions. Giving students more control over their education also allows them to explore their newfound independence and the responsibilities that come along with it.

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How STS's Enrichment Model Benefits Gifted Children
Dr. Kirk Wheeler, Head of School

Each child is exceptional. This core belief guides everything we do at STS – from interactions on the playground to academic instruction. It's also the basis for our approach to personalized learning and to our enrichment program for gifted children.

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How the Pre-K – 8 Model Benefits Middle Schoolers
Alex Colledge, Director of the Middle School

The middle school years are equal parts exciting, overwhelming and challenging for students, and it's important that they receive the right support during these transitional years. Recent research indicates that a pre-k – 8 school structure could be the best environment for middle schoolers.

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The Power of Bringing Educators Together – My Takeaways from Attending the 2017 Office 365 Summit
Kimberly Mecham, Director of Information & Communication Technology

"Fail fast so you can succeed sooner." This became a key takeaway from my presentation at 21st Century Learning International's 2017 Office 365 Summit in China, a conference that brought together educators from international schools across the country to share best practices for using Microsoft Office 365 in school. Upon sharing Sheri's words at the conference, one attendee tweeted that the quote was the most powerful insight he gained at the event.

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