Board of Trustees

The St. Thomas School Board of Trustees is comprised of parents, community business leaders, the Head of School, and includes faculty representation and representation from St. Thomas Church. The Board is self-perpetuating, meaning the Board is continuously seeking members who can provide particular skill sets (education, legal, business/financial, development, construction/real estate, etc.) and who possess the necessary experience or characteristics to serve in this capacity. The Board of Trustees has one employee – the Head of School – who is hired to oversee all daily operations of the School. The Board, in its governance role, has responsibility for the School’s financial sustainability, overarching policies, and long-range strategic vision. Members serve three-year terms and there are no term limits.

David Alhadeff

Titles: Board Treasurer

Rebecca Andrew

Titles: Parents' Association President

Frederick Barkman Jr.

Titles: Member (Vestry Representative from St. Thomas Church)

Lex Breckinridge

Titles: Board Member, Rector, St. Thomas Church, ex officio

Thomas Cusick

Titles: Board Member

Jayasri Ghosh

Titles: Board Member

Letha Gillisse

Titles: Kindergarten Teacher, Board Member, ex officio (Faculty Liaison)

Thom Gruhler

Titles: Board Member

Jeff Haight

Titles: Board Member

Margot Harper

Titles: Administrative Assistant to the Head of School

Jemima Herman

Titles: Board Member

Kevin Hughes

Titles: Board Member

Amy Lorimer

Titles: Board Member

Campbell Mathewson

Titles: Board Member

Catherine Nielsen

Titles: Board Member

Glyn Nordstrom

Titles: Board President

Sarah Reed

Titles: Board Member

John Sherwood Jr.

Titles: Board Secretary

Megan Smith

Titles: Board Vice President

Kelly Taylor

Titles: Board Member

Peter Thorp

Titles: Board Member

Madeleine Valdman

Titles: Board Member

Kirk Wheeler

Titles: Head of School
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