ParentMap Publishes Article by STS Educator

It's the modern parent's dilemma: helping children learn 21st-century technology skills without sacrificing meaningful face-to-face interactions. As schools leverage technology as a tool for learning, setting limits on screen time use becomes complicated. It is important for parents to be armed with the proper information and techniques to ensure they are supporting their child's development in the best way. Digital media consumption is one component of a healthy lifestyle, and parents should develop a plan that balances digital time with other important activities, such as sleep, exercise and in-person face time with family and friends.

For more on finding a healthy balance between screen time and face time for your family, please read an article by St. Thomas School's Director of Information and Communication Technology Kimberly Mecham, "Local Educator Talks Screen Time: 3 Habits for a Healthier Family" published on ParentMap.