STS Dining Program Featured in January's Points Living Magazine

Starting healthy habits at an early age makes it much easier for children to stick to them later in life. Because children spend their weekdays at school, teachers play a critical role in helping children develop a healthy lifestyle. In fact, research shows that coordinated school health programs not only have the potential to help young children adopt healthy habits but also prevent and control obesity and other chronic diseases. A healthy lifestyle goes beyond healthy eating – in addition to nutrition, helping children learn mindfulness and the importance of day-today exercise and rest will give them a well-rounded view of what it means to live healthfully.

St. Thomas School (STS) approaches health education in a holistic manner, creating an integrated program that focuses on children's social, emotional, and physical well-being. As part of this approach, STS recently partnered with SAGE Dining Services to create a dining experience that is more than just lunch: it's a chance for students to chat with each other while exploring healthy meal options and learning about environmental stewardship.

Read the entire article in the January issue of Points Living Magazine.