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Demystifying Financial Aid
Demystifying Financial Aid
Emily Honig, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

At STS, we recognize an independent school education is a significant investment in your child's future and we strive to make STS accessible to any student that is prepared to meet the standards of our program.

We don't want cost to be a barrier to families who cannot afford tuition. We provide a robust financial aid program to support STS's strong commitment to sustaining an exceptional learning community composed of talented students from a wide range of backgrounds. Last year, STS provided more than $800,000 in need-based financial aid.

Financial aid is seemingly a complex process. At STS we work with parents to set expectations around the process of applying for and receiving financial aid. We strongly encourage interested parents to seek information, ask questions, and apply for financial aid. In further effort to demystify the financial aid process, some of the most commonly asked questions we receive are outlined below.

How does the process work?

St. Thomas School provides financial aid on a need basis. To fairly determine eligibility, each family must complete an application through School and Student Services (SSS). SSS is a confidential service offered by the National Association of Independent Schools and is used by many independent K-12 schools to help assess a family's ability to pay tuition. STS uses this information to determine financial aid grants.

Is financial aid only for families who need a large amount of help?

Families from a wide range of economic backgrounds qualify for financial aid. Some families assume aid is only for people who need a large amount of help, but that's not the case. Grants are based on need and vary in size.

Does STS consider factors outside of finances when awarding aid?

We recognize circumstances change. We encourage parents to share any recent changes to their situations, beyond the numbers, so we can take that into account when awarding aid.

What impact does financial aid have on the admissions process?

Applying for financial aid in no way influences decisions for admission. The admissions committee does not know who is applying for financial aid.

What are the deadlines for applying for aid?

To be included in the initial round of processing, the deadline for submitting your financial aid application and all required forms is typically in early February. Financial aid applications received after the deadline will only be given second round consideration if funds are still available.

When can I expect a decision regarding financial aid?

Continuing STS students will receive notification of financial aid grants in late February. New students can expect to be notified of financial aid grants with their admissions notification in March.

Does STS offer scholarships?

STS offers its Merit Scholars program to middle school students new to STS with a clear commitment to the School's core values and a proven record of strong academic ability. Awarded solely on the basis of merit, scholarships are granted to candidates who undergo a rigorous selection process and exemplify strength of character, academic excellence, and community engagement. STS awards each recipient with a $15,000 scholarship that can be used throughout their duration at STS.

Please also feel free to contact the STS Financial Aid Office with any questions you may have.

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