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STS Alumna Kama Boswell Carries on Legacy of Leadership in High School & College Communities
STS Alumna Kama Boswell Carries on Legacy of Leadership in High School & College Communities
St. Thomas School

The relationships alumna Kama Boswell built at St. Thomas School have helped shape her into a successful leader in all walks of life. From a preschool student to when she graduated eighth grade in 2015, Kama remarks that attending St. Thomas School "really felt like home. I knew everybody and they knew me." Kama attended STS with her two siblings, but she also formed a supportive community of mentors, fellow students, and a close-knit group of friends whom she still sees regularly.

Her community extended beyond her peers as part of STS's Leadership Lab. The Lab's buddy program pairs preschool students with Eighth Graders. Kama experienced the buddy program as a young preschool student, then as an Eighth Grader with the responsibility of being a leader and teaching lesson plans. "What I loved about STS was seeing things come full circle for me," shared Kama. She continued her role as mentor through her high school career at Eastside Preparatory, where she volunteered as a middle school advisor. "I wanted to create a family-like, encouraging atmosphere like the one I treasured at STS," Kama explains.

In addition to the student-to-student mentoring programs she has participated in, Kama also found a mentor in her STS English teacher, Alex Colledge. Due to challenges associated with her dyslexia, Kama remarks, "I'd always struggled with English; I always dreaded going to class." Mr. Colledge's class marked a turning point in her learning career. "When we read The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisnero, I had never had exposure to that kind of literature before," Kama remembers. "Mr. Colledge did such an amazing job helping us understand it, how to unpack the novel's complexities and see perspectives outside of my own."

Aided by Mr. Colledge, Kama grew into a creative writer with a passion for poetry. Kama's love of writing and reading resulted in her hosting Eastside Prep's Coffee House for her four years of high school. The Coffee House is an event where students share original poetry, songs and artwork. "I'm really blessed to be able to host this event." Her role as host required a certain comfort with public speaking. "STS normalized public speaking and created opportunities for us to practice regularly." Kama shared that as early as first grade, students would present their projects in front of the class. This practice continued throughout her time at STS. "Public speaking isn't stressful. My biggest fear is heights," she said.

In addition to mentoring students and leading events, Kama also held leadership positions in a wide range of educational and athletic extracurricular activities. She acted as her high school's Events and Student Culture Committee president. She was also captain of three varsity sports: softball at Bellevue High School, and volleyball and basketball at Eastside Prep. Her leadership roles as an athlete have culminated in what she describes as her greatest accomplishment: being recruited to play softball at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine.

One can see evidence of her time mentoring and leading in her two prospective majors: psychology or politics. Regardless of what she ultimately chooses to study, her record is evidence that she will thrive.

When asked what advice she would give current STS students, Kama said, "Cherish your time at STS. There are a lot of great opportunities to easily take for granted and they are not offered at other places. The community, friends and relationships you make with the teachers are all once in a lifetime bonds that you'll look back on with love and gratitude."


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