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Alumnus Returns to STS as IT Intern
Amanda McDevitt

This past summer, St. Thomas School was very happy to welcome back alumnus Ian McKnight '18 as our IT Intern. Currently a senior at Bellevue High School, Ian is passionate about designing and producing laser-cut and 3D-printed objects and has even begun designing his own robot to learn about robotic movement. An aspiring tech engineer with a passion for augmented reality and virtual reality software, Ian hopes to follow his passions by pursuing a degree in electrical computer engineering. In fact, it was those passions that brought him back to St. Thomas School, "When I saw the job involved designing and producing laser-cut and 3D-printed objects, as well as working with computers all summer, I immediately began filling out the job application."

Ian looks back on his time as a student at St. Thomas School fondly, "I loved playing games with people at recess, and I would participate in group sessions of Beyblades when that was still popular. Looking back, that was one of the most unifying activities for all grade levels, it didn't matter how old you were as long as you could let it rip." And now, seeing our operations firsthand as a member of the IT Team has helped Ian realize "how effective the IT department at STS is. They do an amazing job of running things extremely smoothly, and their ability to deal with unusual circumstances has inspired me to work harder than before, and to persevere through any obstacle that comes my way."

Thank you for returning to STS as a member of our IT Team, Ian, it was wonderful having you back.