Library & Media Center

library and media centerWe feel strongly that there is something wonderful about curling up with a great book, or leafing through the various pages of a magazine or reference book. With this in mind, we have well-stocked shelves with over 13,000 children's resources - both classic and contemporary. Of course, we've also fully embraced the age of technology and students of all ages have online access to search library holdings at school or remotely.

One of the showcase pieces of the St. Thomas School facility, the main library is designed for both story time and research use. The library offers a spacious, warm, and inviting environment for students of all ages.

The library curriculum includes experiences that result in the acquisition of information gathering skills necessary for life-long learning. As the information resources of the library evolve and include the use of technology, our students continue to develop skills to access and effectively utilize those resources. The goal of our library program is to assist all students in becoming active and creative locators, evaluators, and users of information, while promoting literary appreciation and personal enrichment.

Early Learning Center

Preschool library/story time is a "reading readiness" experience. Exposure to oral or written stories and books leaves children better equipped to learn how to read on their own. They hear new vocabulary and varied language structures from which they learn to model their own language and thus increase their fluency in oral expression. As students move into PreKindergarten and as a result of this exposure to literature, they develop a desire to learn more from books and realize a need to learn to read. Students in Kindergarten continue their journey into reading with more complex and varied materials.

Elementary Center

Students in First through Third Grades continue their journey into reading with more complex and vocabulary-rich materials. Students use the library's resources both for school assignments and for personal enrichment. Students learn how to use online library catalogs, informational databases, and resource organizational systems (such as the Dewey Decimal System). They also learn valuable information literacy skills and how to appreciate the various genres of fiction and non-fiction literature.

Middle School

Middle School students continue to hone their research skills both in the Library and as part of their other academic classes. Knowing how to acquire information, assess the quality and reliability of that information, and appropriately acknowledge the work of others are important skills. Middle Schoolers have access to the School’s Middle School Library/Media Center, housed in the Middle School plaza. Intentionally designed to be meet a variety of needs, the Library/Media Center includes a school store, eating and meeting areas, a variety of research and casual reading materials, online access to library holdings, and gathering spaces. The entire school has wireless access, and Middle Schoolers, with their individual school-issued laptops, are able to conduct research, work collaboratively on projects, complete classwork, and submit their work to their teachers.