Middle School

Our Middle School prepares students throughout Seattle and Bellevue for high school and beyond by providing opportunities for rigorous academic achievement, ethical leadership, a powerful understanding of themselves and others, and engaged global citizenship.

At this stage of the St. Thomas School journey, academics take on an even sharper focus and greater intensity. Students undertake close readings of classic American texts and delve into Shakespeare. They continue to prepare for high school-level math, honoring their skills as critical thinkers. They study Spanish along with U.S. history and ancient civilizations. And their scientific explorations include chemistry, genetics, physics, and astronomy.

International travel, Washington, D.C., and outdoor adventures are an integral part of the Middle School experience. So are our service learning projects that empower students to become compassionate, involved, reflective citizens.

Our intention is to endow our Middle School students with self-confidence, autonomy, and the ability to think critically and creatively, along with the timeless core values that give life depth and purpose. We prepare students for the high school of their choice. More important, we prepare them for the adventure of life.

Middle School Hallmarks