Language Arts/English

students reading and writing

All aspects of literature, writing, and speaking fall under the large umbrella of Language Arts/English. Integrated within the Language Arts Program is also the study of grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. All these domains are interwoven as closely as possible so that discrete skills and concepts that are learned are reinforced and used in a meaningful context. The broad goals of the program are to help the students see themselves as thinkers, as readers, as writers, and as presenters who can have the tools and techniques to meet a variety of differing audiences. We seize every opportunity to integrate our Social Studies and Language Arts themes as the connections exploring literature, history, geography, civics, the arts, anthropology, psychology, and different cultures are all interwoven throughout the courses.

5th and 6th Grade

Language Arts is seen as part of our Humanities program in 5th and 6th Grades, where a focus on reading, writing, and presentational skills draws the worlds of literature and Social Studies together. As students study ancient civilizations, the great myths, legends, and literature of those eras are experienced in depth. Our study of US history also includes a parallel exploration of great historical literature that deepens an understanding of both the people and events of this period.

7th and 8th Grade

Our 7th and 8th Grade English courses include an important study of contemporary and classical American texts, an exploration of works of different cultures, as well as a Shakespeare I course in 7th Grade and a Shakespeare II course in 8th Grade. The approach to Shakespeare is based on interpretation of text with a performance-oriented approach. Master Classes (Electives) in drama as well as drama/theatre clubs and a Middle School play may connect with these studies.


Student Outcomes