Master Classes

students' science project

Our 7th and 8th Graders experience specially designed Middle School Master Classes, reflecting the young adolescent’s need to exercise choice. These classes offer our students a unique experience of expertise in a chosen field. They will be given by an expert teacher either from within STS faculty or from the external community. Classes will be offered in a variety of subject areas such as but not limited to art, music, science, math, technology, social studies, literature, writing, and drama. What is unique about the STS experience as these classes go beyond the traditional elective domain of just the arts, as we know our students have a variety of passions that need challenging and extending. Our electives program will grow as our school grows. Each Master Class runs for one trimester, and can see 7th and 8th Grade students mixed together.

Master Class Program Goals

  1. To give students an opportunity to stretch themselves, take initiative, and offer new possibilities for self-definition
  2. To pursue a special interest on an individual or small group basis
  3. To interact with other members of the community and create new friendships
  4. To explore potential careers
  5. To experience expertise in a special field
  6. To participate in ongoing efforts to support our students’ understanding of themselves as “global citizens”

We have many proposed courses. Below is a list of a few representative samples of possible Master Classes:

  • ART: Innovators and Outliers
  • MATH: History of Math: “From Caveman to the Big Bang: A Mathematical History of the World”
  • MATH/SCIENCE: Construction Zone: Structures
  • MUSIC: Music Production (e.g. daily newscast, music videos)
  • SOC. STUD./SCIENCE/MATH: Architecture
  • TECH: Advanced Robotics Design and Programming