8th Grade trip

Our 8th Grade students leave country and continent to venture into a different part of the world. This rich exploration of another culture is the culminating experience of a year-long, interdisciplinary study of a Spanish-speaking country (Peru was the destination for our most recent graduating class). Focal points may include:

  • Economic, Political, Social, and Environmental Issues
  • Spanish Language
  • Service Learning
  • Local Customs, History, and Heritage
  • Arts, Music, Dance, Food, and Other Cultural Studies

The 8th Grade trip is a transformative experience for our students.  In addition to the formal curriculum, they gain greater self-awareness and develop a broader perspective of the world while experiencing a new sense of independence and confidence. As they travel together away from the comfort of family and familiar routines, students rely on one another, forging a deep and lasting bond before returning home to begin preparations for their final culminating projects and graduation.

students exploring Machu Picchu
students at Machua Picchu
Peru field trip