8th Grade trip to peru

Our intrepid 8th Grade adventurers leave country and continent to venture into quite a different world: that of Peru. They will be walking through the ancient as well as the modern in a rich exploration of another culture. This is the culminating experience of their year-long study of Peru as a country and a culture, and also reflects our connection to the Spanish-speaking world through our Spanish program.

This experience truly has been an exceptional, transformative experience for our students who not only examine the ancient aspects of that world, but also observe contemporary Peru, collecting observations about the Peruvian way of life, noticing how cultures change from urban to rural areas. It is through exploring and analyzing the lives of those in different places that allows students to begin to understand their own identity. The students return from this trip to finish culminating projects sharing their experiences. Time is built in to develop reflection time so students are able to internalize their experiences in a meaningful way.

Planning for the Peru trip reflects interdisciplinary connections. The trip includes the following focal points:

  • Global issues (Social Studies course)
  • Spanish (Foreign Language course)
  • Service Learning
  • Culture and social customs exploration

An important element of 8th Grade Graduation is in preparing an exhibition on Service Learning. Aspects of the trip are meaningfully connected to this final personal presentation of their St. Thomas School journey. We will also be building a partnership with students and communities in Peru on an ongoing basis, eventually developing a host/visitor exchange program in future years.

This international trip represents the culminating experience for our 8th Graders before Graduation. It is a wonderful, paradigm-shifting moment of community reflecting each individual’s profound changes as they travel from one continent to another, experiencing the vibrant life of different culture as well as exploring the art and history of a fascinating set of civilizations. Similar to the Washington, D.C. trip, this experience builds a sense of community, as they experience different customs and culture and rely on one another day-to-day. A warm atmosphere of common purpose is forged, leaving our students with experiences that will remain with them throughout their lives.

8th graders in Peru
students at Machua Picchu
Peru field trip
students exploring Machu Picchu