Dr. Kirk Wheeler

A global leader in EdTech, St. Thomas School serves as a model for schools in the United States and around the world. We regularly welcome visitors and host foreign delegations who are interested in how STS uses technology to enhance student learning. It has been our privilege to host government, education, and technology leaders from many countries including China, Japan, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, and Morocco.

"I believe strongly in personalizing the educational experience through the blending of extraordinary teaching and powerful technology tools."

-Dr. Kirk Wheeler, Head of School

As a Microsoft Showcase School, STS works in close partnership with Microsoft and other industry leaders to offer innovative learning experiences that incorporate technology. These include a 1:1 laptop program that allows students to work on their own devices and access educational tools at any time, as well as group projects that enable students to collaborate using Office 365, Skype and interactive white boards. In addition, STS is a LEED Gold Certified-campus featuring indoor and outdoor learning environments with seamless wireless access, and a technology center with 3-D Virtual Reality computers.

Our students experience a wide range of lessons using technology including:

  • Robotics
  • Coding
  • Personalized and adaptive programs for math, reading, vocabulary, and spelling
  • Foreign language fluency practice
  • Music composition
  • Video production

Technology is woven into every grade and subject to help students work collaboratively, serve as leaders, and build critical thinking skills.

1:1 Laptops

A 1:1 laptop program in grades 1st through 8th (and a shared set of tablets for Kindergarten students) allows STS to personalize and differentiate learning experiences.


Robotics and coding are the heart of our computer science curriculum. STS students - including our preschoolers - are creators of technology rather than passive consumers of technology.

Virtual Reality

Our zSpace lab with 3-D Virtual Reality computers transforms STEM education and brings learning to life as students dissect a human heart, dive into a volcano, or calculate the dimensions of the Colosseum.

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Private Primary School Enhances Personalized Learning
June 29, 2014 - A recognized leader in early childhood through eighth grade education, St. Thomas School has adopted both Microsoft Surface and Surface Pro tablets as their 1:1 student computing device. Watch the story on Microsoft's YouTube channel.