1:1 Laptop Program

St. Thomas School is one of the first schools in the country to have a one-to-one laptop program. One-to-one being one student per computer. Our one-to-one program has transformed how we can do things in the classroom. St. Thomas uses OneNote class notebooks starting in third grade, and these are essentially digital notebooks that the teacher and the student can collaborate on. Students can stay more organized or revisit topics more easily at a later time. Teachers can add worksheets, instructions, or links to videos into student’s OneNote notebook. Students have all of their work in one place, all the time, everywhere they go. Students can easily revisit prior assignments by pulling them up within seconds. Teachers having access to students’ notebooks allows students to receive faster, tailored feedback since the teacher can provide feedback while a student is in the process of completing an assignment. Our teachers can correct, redirect, and get a student back on track faster by providing personalized feedback during an assignment. Teachers can personalize student learning be being able to provide each student with individualized work.