Virtual Reality Lab

In 2015, St. Thomas School installed the virtual reality lab, and it’s one of the first in the country. It serves our students in second through eighth grade to enhance the learning opportunities that are going on in the classroom. For instance, they could dissect a molecule and see all the different parts. Students could go on a virtual field trip and see things that they might not have the opportunity to visit. In biology class, students learning about cell organelles have the opportunity to use the exploration lab to be able to dissect a 3D model of a plant cell. Students can pick apart the organelle and turn it around to see the inside and outside. The level of engagement over the topic goes up because it allows students to have a hands-on experience that they can’t get through a book or even the internet or a video. They actually feel like they’re touching, dissecting, moving, and experiencing the object rather than just looking at it. Our students have been highly engaged and excited to be here as technology advances.