The Journey

The St. Thomas School journey is an intentionally designed program that thoughtfully and continuously addresses the developmental needs of children - academically, socially, and emotionally - as they advance through the Early Learning Center, Elementary Center, and Middle School. We believe that a child’s educational journey must be balanced between the academic and affective domains.

The St. Thomas School Educational Journey

Within the academic domain, core knowledge, skills and understandings are developed across seven primary disciplines.

Within the affective domain we put nine core virtues into action.

We believe that certain skills transcend specific disciplines and grade levels. Therefore, five core learning skills are integrated throughout the curriculum: communication, technology, thinking, research, and self-management.

Academically, students are expected not only to acquire knowledge and skills, but to apply, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate what they learn. In support of growth of character and spirit, students engage in experiences that call upon them to explore, reflect, choose, act, and lead.


Guiding Principles

At the heart of the St. Thomas School journey are our Guiding Principles. These beliefs provide a framework on which we base our day-to-day decisions, policies, and programs, ensuring our students and community continue to thrive.