All-Inclusive Tuition

"In addition to tuition" is a phrase you won't hear at St. Thomas School. In an effort to maintain transparency regarding the actual cost of attending STS, our tuition is designed to be all-inclusive.


You are not required to purchase textbooks. All necessary books are supplied.

school trips

STS tuition includes all travel, lodging, and curriculum-related activity costs associated with field trips and overnight trips.


Every student enrolled at STS receives a yearbook.

personal computer

Dedicated use of a personal computer (Grades 1-8) means no technology fee or device expense on top of tuition.

STS dining program

The STS Dining Program integrates with our curriculum, promotes healthy living, encourages social interaction, builds community, and fosters environmental stewardship.

Falcon's Ledge

Included with tuition is access to Falcon's Ledge where Middle School students can get after-school assistance with homework and research projects.


All required software and year-round online subscriptions are included with tuition.

STS Athletics
There are no additional fees for registration, uniforms, transportation, and equipment for STS Athletics.

Middle School Clubs

There are no participation or activity fees for Middle School clubs.