Why St. Thomas School?

Our Students Inspire

Discover St. Thomas School through our students' eyes. In this Open House panel, students share their stories, touching on our academic program, supportive community, and how STS shapes them to be leaders and global citizens.

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Our Teachers Inspire

These are the people who will shape and influence your children. What motivates them? Why do they teach? What do their students mean to them? Hear directly from the talented educators that bring energy, passion, creativity, and expertise to their classrooms each day at St. Thomas School.

Your Vision, Our Mission

Here, your child gets to be a critical thinker. A speaker. A writer. An innovator. An athlete. An artist.

Here, your child will be challenged to reach their fullest potential surrounded by a community that embraces high expectations, shared values, and a passion for learning.

Here, your child is known, loved, and taught by talented teachers. Teachers who are themselves inspired, and who, in turn, inspire their students.

Here, your child will find their mentors. Their heroes. Their best friends.

Here, your vision is our mission. We'll raise the bar for your child, and they won't just meet it - they'll leap it.