Center for Leadership & Innovation and Center for Responsive Learning

Now that our Athletics program has relocated to our new Athletics & Performing Arts Center, our former Gymnasium will become a two-story space, holding the Center for Leadership & Innovation and the Center for Responsive Learning. Both programs are currently enacted at STS, and this new permanent space will allow for expanded programming. Construction on this portion of the capital campaign begins during Spring Break of 2021.

Center for Leadership & Innovation

The Center for Leadership & Innovation (CLI) is dedicated to bringing unique programming to educators and students, to provide consulting services both internally and externally, and to curate resources that deepen learning experiences. By the fall of 2021, the CLI will open the doors of the Learning Commons and Learning Laboratory on the campus of St. Thomas School. Our existing Technology Lab will co-locate with the CLI, creating a synergistic offering for all learners.

The CLI will provide flexible spaces to accommodate large and small groups, adaptable and equipped for collaboration and innovation, as well as modern technology to support research and presentation preparation. STS will become a recognized leader in Leadership and Innovation, bringing in educators and professionals from around the world. Summer Institutes will be created for faculty professional development, with consulting available for more intensive engagements. After-school and summer programs will be added where students will interact with business leaders, political figures, scientists, inventors, advocates, and more.



Center for Responsive Learning

St. Thomas School continues to refine and incorporate a responsive learning approach so that every student is prepared to reach their highest potential. As our efforts continue to offer a responsive learning experience for every student, there is a tremendous need for flexible spaces for large groups, small groups, and individual work. The new, permanent space will create options for privacy, tutoring, specialized equipment, and quiet areas for teachers and students, in addition to much-needed permanent spaces for an expanding staff.