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As it would appear in brochure​​​​​
Provide concise and exciting description of the class that focuses on the activities and learner outcomes (100-200 word max). ​
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Indicate dates desired and why they make sense for this class​​​
Check all that apply. Note that STS Faculty may not offer classes more than 2 days per week. ​
Indicate alternate end time and why it makes sense for this class​​​​​
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Indicate other location and why it makes sense for this class​​​​​
Instructors are required to provide their own materials and supplies.​​​​​
If participants need to bring equipment or "other", please explain here.​​​​


St. Thomas School (STS) responsibilities include: establishing camps/classes and schedules, providing registration and release forms, collecting registration forms and payments, providing appropriate insurance, maintenance and cleaning services, marketing the available camps via the School's website and other avenues to be determined. Teacher responsibilities include: planning the course, purchasing supplies and materials, providing a written description of the course(s), providing appropriate instruction and continuous supervision, management of materials, management of student behavior, and passing a comprehensive background check. This form serves as a proposal between the instructor and STS and is not a contract or legal agreement.

The names typed below serve as electronic signatures and indicate that the person named has read and understands the Agreement. All instructors must electronically sign this proposal.​​