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St. Thomas School has experienced significant growth over the last few years. We've added students, faculty and staff, buildings, facilities, and extracurricular programs - all of which make our campus busier than ever before. While we love the increase in students and opportunities, we're also faced with additional challenges when it comes to student safety and campus security. That is why we are introducing new procedures and safety protocols using the SchoolPass app.

What is SchoolPass?

SchoolPass is a simple-to-use mobile app that streamlines the dismissal process, ensuring students get from classroom to car as quickly as possible. SchoolPass also allows parents/guardians to manage and communicate dismissal changes (such as going home with a friend, or going to extended day), late arrivals, and absences to school staff and teachers.

Finally, SchoolPass will be used to check in and out of the school when you visit or attend an event.

How does it work?

You will receive a new placard with your personal carpool code. During dismissal, instead of using walkie-talkies to call names, staff will simply enter your carpool code using the mobile app. Once submitted, teachers are notified to send your student(s) to the correct dismissal location.

When will we begin using SchoolPass?

We are going to start using SchoolPass on Monday, May 9. Don't worry if you haven't yet received your new placard with your carpool code. We can select drivers by name in the app when necessary.

What do I have to do before Monday?

  1. Download the SchoolPass app and login. Your login credentials were sent in a separate email around the same time this email was sent. Watch video tutorial #1.
  2. Update your profile in the app. Watch video tutorial #2.
  3. Enable push notifications in the app. Watch video tutorial #3.
  4. Add and/or remove drivers in the app. Watch video tutorial #4.

What else do I need to know for Monday?

Beginning Monday, May 9, parents/guardians will use SchoolPass to notify the school of any arrival or dismissal changes. Please review the following short videos:

  1. Making Carpool Changes in the App – if your child is going home with another STS student.
  2. Making Activity Changes in the App – if your child is going to extended day or will miss a practice, etc.
  3. Request Early Pickup – must be before 3 p.m.
  4. Report Late Arrival
  5. Report Absence

How do I check in and out of the school when visiting?

Find your personal QuickPin or QR code in your profile in the SchoolPass app. At the visitor station near the front desk, use your QuickPin or QR code to check in and out of the school and print your visitor badge. Can't locate your QuickPin or QR code? Don't worry, you can enter your details at the visitor station.

Should I use SchoolPass to verify my COVID vaccination and complete a health attestation?

No, the school no longer requires a health attestation or proof of vaccination from parents and guardians.

What if I need help?

Please visit the SchoolPass help section on our website and/or STS IT Support.

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