Liberating Structures

2-Day Immersive Workshop


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St. Thomas School  |  8300 NE 12th St  |  Medina, WA 98039
Day 1: 9:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. |  Day 2: 8:45 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. 

11.5 Clock Hours

Early Bird Registration (Ends TBD): $330
Group Registration (3+): $330
Registration (Begins TBD): $400

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Disrupt conventional patterns in how we work together making it possible to immediately include, engage, and unleash everyone using Liberating Structures. Learn how to structure generative interactions among your co-workers, administration, and students in ways that enliven engagement and inquiry, and help us lead better without relying on methods that are top down, or too loose and unstructured. 

Why take a Liberating Structures workshop?
  • When your students feel included and invested, do they do a better job?
  • Have you noticed the best ideas often come from unexpected sources? 
  • Do you want your students to work at the top of their intelligence?
  • Do you ever struggle to quickly invent and re-invent structures so that your teaching doesn’t rely on raising hands, lecture, and open discussion where only the most bold and articulate students participate?

In this immersion workshop co-designed and co-facilitated by area educators and led by Maggie Chumbley, we’ll learn and practice a wide array of the Liberating Structures repertoire to get quick exposure to as many of the methods as we can and how they might be used.  This longer format is great for unconventional networking, serious play and skill building for educators and other adult professionals, and anyone in a formal or informal leadership position. We’ll explore how tiny shifts in the ways we distribute participation can dramatically change engagement, boost inquiry, and make teaching more joyful. 

Maggie Chumbley has over a decade of experience in working with groups through teaching, facilitation, and instructional design. Maggie, a self-described high-energy pedagogy geek, uses a facilitation approach informed by neuroscience, adult learning, and relational coordination. Her expertise is in instructional design, facilitation, design- thinking, and project-based learning. In her current work, she consults helping organizations across sectors by facilitating and designing effective meetings, trainings, and events that foster deep learning and make for lasting initiatives. 

Can you take both the Deep Dive and the 2-Day Immersion? YES!  

  • Both of the workshops are designed in a way that compliments taking either one or both.  
  • Like any new method, practice is the best path to mastery 
  • Taking both workshops may be especially helpful for educators in an administrative role
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Liberating Structures...

"added so much depth to the student discussions! It’s remarkable."

-Recent LS Attendee