The “edge” symbolizes the balance of having one foot well-grounded in current knowledge or understanding, while the other foot is well-positioned to take a risk, challenge an assumption, and try something new.

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Whenever we are on the edge – the edge of our capabilities, the edge of our knowledge, the edge of our confidence – we are in a place of potential growth. However, that edge isn't always an easy place to be. That is why we intentionally celebrate edgework and remain committed to maintaining a learning environment in which ALL members of the school feel secure in taking risks, asking questions, and exploring new alternatives.

Understanding where our edges lie, as individuals, leaders, and team members, takes insight and requires work. Too far over the edge, and fear or lack of confidence can cause the learner to retreat to the familiar. Too far inside the edge, and the learner is no longer expanding his or her horizons. It’s all about the balance and it takes a talented faculty to facilitate these learning experiences. If we are not engaged in edgework, then we are not making a difference and we are not growing. It’s that simple. And that hard.