The St. Thomas School mission underlines our critical focus on leadership and it's connection with the important notion of global citizenship.

The mission of St Thomas School is to develop responsible citizens of a global society. In partnership with parents, we inspire and motivate intellectually curious students. Our small, nurturing environment supports the acquisition of a broad academic foundation with an emphasis on critical thinking, leadership skills, and the development of strong character and spiritual awareness.

Leadership requires an intentional program that engages students with specific skills, knowledge, and experiences. The STS journey is not just an academic one, but one that also provides students with the capacity to reflect about themselves and the world. Leadership opportunities are woven throughout the curriculum and school life:

Leadership is not only encouraged; it is expected. Upon graduation an STS student has:

  • developed an awareness of the larger world and its current challenges.
  • the clear ability to make responsible, ethical decisions and an active concern for the welfare of others.
  • understanding of the importance of leadership and service and the ability to set, plan for, and carry out goals.
  • essential interpersonal and social skills needed to work, team, and play with others.
  • a notion of citizenship founded upon understanding local, national, and global responsibilities.