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Tammy Fisher, M.Ed. was named Washington State School Counselor of the Year in 2014. A former junior high teacher for 11 years, she has been a school counselor for the past twenty years, working with all levels: pre-K to high school. Parent, educator, counselor and researcher, Tammy has coached hundreds of adults with her books, columns, and published articles; supporting parents in managing the ongoing, ever-changing, challenges and joys of parenting children/students of all ages. In addition to her work at St. Thomas School, she is also a full-time doctoral student in Counselor Education at Seattle Pacific University.

Ms. Fisher

What a wonderful reunion this past week has been. New faces, old faces, new stories, old memories. Back to school where everything old is new again. As St. Thomas School's counselor, I have the wonderful opportunity of teaching weekly in all grades (PreKindergarten to 8th), and working with the cross-divisions of grades: the strengths, the challenges, and the edgework that happens for every student. I will endeavor to write a short blog regularly, sharing articles, research, thought-provoking ideas, new books, and resources to support our shared mission of building capacity and potential in our students.

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