Fearless Parenting

Let Common Sense Be Your Game Buying/Screen Viewing Guide This Holiday
Ms. Tammy Fisher

Tammy Fisher, our School Counselor shares again this great resource

"But why, mom? Everybody else has that game? Please, please? It's ALL I want for Christmas...."

As you get deep into your holiday buying and planning, I wanted to remind you of a great resource which can inform gift purchases for your children in regard to games, movies, and other technical resources. Common Sense Media® is a non-profit organization that is sponsored by research-based organizations dedicated to supporting teachers, parents, students, and communities in making healthy and developmentally-appropriate choices in regards to digital consumerism. Research continues to explore screen time in regards to brain development, emotion management, and relationship skills. I often find that having access to this resource removes the battle in the conversation, as it provides clear guidelines in regards to recommendations and ratings (i.e. I don't have to be the bad guy – it's just "common sense" 😊)

I encourage parents to sign-up online for updates on new release video games and tv shows for their age appropriate ratings and evaluation of quality. Their website is easy to navigate from videos to games, for parents, educators and families, with concrete tips on purchases, and even advice on how to parent your digital native. Here at St Thomas School, we access some of their award-winning curriculum when we teach students digital safety and citizenship.

The advice regarding time spent on screens and strategies for saying,"Not at this time," can support our challenging conversations and provide you a peace of mind when you want to create a family rule of screen-free moments and holiday memories.

May you enjoy the season and increase your one-to-one connection during the holiday. In the long run, your payoff of more relationship will be worth it!