Parents as Partners

Embedded in our Guiding Principles is a commitment to a partnership with parents.

Parent involvement in school life is an honored tradition at St Thomas School. We know that a healthy, respectful partnership between home and school is a critical element of an exemplary education. We encourage parents to volunteer, finding the ways that work best for them. Even the campus itself is designed to support our partnership with parents. From the wireless network, to the Coffee Bar and comfortable lobby seating, our facilities say “Welcome!”

The school takes seriously its role in providing parent education and encourages all parents to work within a collaborative, positive framework. We have an unwavering commitment to nurturing a highly professional environment in which all members of the community are bonded through mutual respect, responsibility, and collaboration.

Parents are held to the same high standard as all other members of the STS community. A commitment to open, honest, and supportive communication is critical. As ambassadors for the school, parents are encouraged to support the school in its efforts to provide an exemplary education. Concerns, questions, and suggestions should be brought directly to the school. Public discussion regarding school concerns is unproductive and undermines the essential home-school relationships that must be based on mutual trust and respect.

Being involved means getting to know the school, your child(ren)’s friends, and other parents. The most common advice given by St. Thomas School parents is, “If you want to be informed and feel a sense of community, become involved.” The support the Parents’ Association gives to the school, both through fund-raising and its other activities, requires thousands of volunteer hours.

STS instills in our students a sense of responsibility and concern for their environment and community. Parents must understand that they model these values to their children through their efforts and participation at STS.

The successful STS family:

  • Makes a long-term commitment to the school
  • Has thought deeply about the match between the school’s mission, guiding principles, and family values
  • Is involved in school activities and events
  • Is supportive of school programs and policies
  • Is a positive, proactive ambassador within the school community
  • Recognizes that the home-school partnership includes support of the school’s expectations regarding student behavior, academic achievement, and the development of core virtues
  • Supports the school’s fund raising activities

We encourage you to explore Parent Life and all the ways you can be involved at STS.