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Bully-Proofing Your Youth

Experience has taught us all that navigating peer relationships can challenging. How can you support your child to manage difficult peer interactions in ways that stop negative behaviors and empower your child toward healthy, independence? Adults play an important role in helping to stop peer aggression, but they must understand the dynamics at play, or they will accidentally make the situation much worse by harming the targeted child's “cool.” 

Join other motivated parents as we listen and discuss how to Bully-Proof your tween and adolescent with specific strategies and concrete tools, with peer conflict expert, Jim Bisenius.

NWAIS independent schools of Open Window School on Cougar Mountain and St. Thomas School in Medina are partnering to offer two opportunities for parents to hear child and adolescent therapist Jim Bisenius present on the topic of Bully-Proofing Youth.

November 14, 7:00 p.m. at Open Window School at Cougar Mountain
November 15, 8:45 a.m at St. Thomas School

*Parents of both schools (and their guests) are welcome to attend the presentation that is most convenient to their schedule.



What: Bully-Proofing Youth is a practical and effective program that empowers children and adolescents to eliminate bullying from their lives.  During his 90-minute parent presentations, Jim helps parents understand the psychological underpinnings of bullying and social exclusion, why well-meaning adult interventions usually fail and often make the situation for the bullied child worse, and how parents can reinforce the techniques that he teaches, which can bully-proof a child for life.

About the Presenter: Through working with over 300 targeted children, Jim learned many behaviors that occur during bullying that are not widely understood by adults.  Most significantly, he discovered that adult threats, guilt, or attempts to convince the child who is bullying to act nice are almost always ineffective with children 10 years and older.  There are, however, proven techniques that Jim teaches children which frustrate bullying efforts by no longer feeding the reactions that the bullying student seeks to elicit.  By teaching children to alter their body-language and respond to bullying in very specific ways, Jim shows them exactly how to no longer give their power away to a bully.  The techniques he teaches not only work, but they also protect the "cool" of the targeted child, so the situation does not become worse.  

Join us for a dynamic 90 minutes that can alter how you coach your youth in managing peer conflict – and maybe even provide you tools with other adults!