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Coding Circle (K-8) (FULL)

Class: Coding Circle

Instructor: Doug Manning, St. Thomas School Faculty

Grade: Kindergarten-8th

Dates: Tuesdays, Sept 10 - Nov 12

Time: 3:25-4:30 p.m.

Location: STS Tech Lab (Room 263)

Price: $200

Are you interested in coding or robotics? Are you unsure where to start, or what is interesting? Are you already coding but want to advance or try something new? The Coding Circle could be the best place to start!

The aim of the Coding Circle is to provide a continuous coding club where students get to experience different programming languages, design challenges, and even some robotics. It will also support students in advancing in programming languages they are already using.

Coding Circle uses project based learning. For students starting new coding languages or robotics, they will choose one or more learning projects, and then advance to designing and working on their own projects. Participants will be required to plan, implement and share their projects, and will continuously learn how to self-solve problems using the help of their peers, the internet and class resources. Projects may be changed at any time, but students will be encouraged to complete milestones before moving on to the next challenge. The teacher may also propose new projects based on the interests of the students.

Coding Circle will provide support for many different languages and projects at the same time, and so will not provide a traditional classroom teaching environment. Students will get instructions and training in their chosen project or language, as well as regular support from the teacher. However, there will also be a lot of peer support, feedback and group work, and a lot of independent learning and problem solving. Students will be required to support each other across projects, and be flexible when waiting for help from the teacher.