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Chess Club for Aspiring Students (2-8)

CLASS: Chess Club for Aspiring Students

INSTRUCTOR: Coach Leo Stefurak

GRADE: 2nd - 8th Grades

DATES: Thursdays, Sept 12 - Nov 14 (No class Oct 24)

TIME: 3:25-4:45 p.m.

LOCATION: Room 261 (Library)

PRICE: $580.00

Our Thursday Chess Club encourages returning and continuing students with previous chess experience to work and play together while improving their chess play via the immediate feedback and communication present in chess fun and games. Students practice effective decision-making methods

while learning from the logical and practical consequences of their game play and planning.

Chess Club offers the applied benefits of directed attention and organized thinking obtained through chess play and active learning. Chess is digital, algorithmic, inductive, and empirical. Chess play is pro-education, pro-social and pro-family. All of our aspiring chess students learn powerful uses of the head, the hand, and the heart in chess club.

Students are motivated in individual and team play and are shown how to play well with others in cooperative chess games while informing and expanding their creative imaginations. Developing students with some previous chess experience all enjoy chess play and learning in the Thursday Chess Club.

Aspiring, returning and continuing chess players with a desire to learn new chess ideas and improve their play are encouraged to join Chess Club. All Chess Club students will develop exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving skills through chess play and practice.

Coach Leo looks forward to meeting you and to introducing students and parents to fun and engaging chess play and enjoyment in Chess Club.