Online Enrollment FAQ

How do we submit the contract if we, the parents/guardians have seperate households?

If the parents live in seperate households, each parent will be issued a separate online contract. Both parents are required to sign their respective contract. Each parent will need to sign their name twice at the bottom of the contract. One parent can pay the deposit.

Please make sure that each parent has reached agreement about which payment plan you are interested in so that both contracts reflect the same plan.

What is the Cost for Tuition Refund Plan?

The premium of for the Tuition Refund Plan is 2.3% of the yearly tuition charges. Please note that the premium for tuition refund insurance offered through DeWar Insurance will be automatically charged to your account with your initial tuition billing unless you de-select the tuition refund insurance option in the online enrollment process

What it the Tuition Refund Plan?

The tuition refund plan is an optional plan that you can purchase. The program will give you the opportunity to insure your obligation for total tuition (either prepaid or due) in the event of separation according to terms of the polcy.

Where can I get more information regarding the Tuition Refund Plan?

If you have questions about the plan, you may review the brochure, visit the Tuition Refund Plan website, email Dewar Insurance, or contact STS Admissions.

Why is my child's enrollment status still marked as Pending?

The Enrollment Status is marked as Pending until both your contract and deposit are recieved and reviewed. It can take up to 5 school days for the process to complete. If it has been longer than 5 days, please contact the Admissions Office.

May I sign and submit a hard copy of the enrollment contract?

Yes, you may print out the enrollment contract, sign (both parents must sign) and send to STS or drop off at the front desk. You MUST also include a check with your submittal for the deposit amount. We cannot hold your child's place without both.

If you submit your contract and deposit hardcopy, you will not be able to go back online and review - your contract will be 'unpublished' once it is approved.

May I write a check for the enrollment deposit?

Yes, you may write a check for the deposit amount and mail it to STS or drop it off at the front desk. However, we hope that you find the online payment option to be helpful, as it eliminates many manual steps for STS, allowing us to be more efficient in our processes. Please note that there is an option to pay with an eCheck that comes from your bank account.

If I receive a Financial Aid award, will I get a new contract?

Yes, however, you must submit the original contract and deposit by February 13, 2019. Once the financial aid award is presented, a new contract will be published, reflective of the amount awarded. You will then need to resubmit your contract to accept the award.

How do I submit the contract if there is only one parent or guardian?

The software cannot programmatically enforce only one signature for single parent/guardian families. Therefore, you will need to sign your name twice.