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How do I save Username and Password for the Portal?

Each browser offers the opportunity to save username and password to a website. Use your favorite search engine to look up "auto save passwords" and your browser name. Please make sure that you only save passwords on your own protected devices.

How can I load my printed Magnus form?

We recommend loading the Magnus app from the Android or Apple store because you can easily use your phone to take a photo, and don't have to worry about scanning.  If you need assistance, please contact Magnus at (877) 461-6831.

Uploading records using a Mobile Device - IOS

Uploading Records using a Mobile Device - Android

How can I get a reminder for a calendar event?

You may watch a short video to learn more about Alerts, or read this quick tip.

To set up your alerts look for the yellow bell icon in the calendar:

  1. Navigate to the calendar that suits your needs.
  2. Click the Alerts button on the right of the screen.
  3. Login using your Portal username and password (if you aren’t already logged in). If you forgot your username/password, you may choose to have it mailed to you.
  4. Select Update Settings.
  5. Select Logoff.

Now you will get an email alert for every new post! You can get alerts for things like blog posts (Coffee with Kirk, for example) and calendar events.

Alerts and RSS - User Guide 2017 (.pdf)

How do I import STS events to my own calendar?

To import events from an STS calendar:

  1. Navigate to the calendar you want to import.
  2. Tap the grey, square RSS feed button on the top right of the calendar.
  3. Login if you haven't already.
  4. Hover over the green ICAL icons for subscription options, select the one that meets your needs.
  5. Follow prompts from your default calendar program to add the calendar.

Your default calendar will be updated with events from STS, and changes will pull through as well.

Alerts and RSS - User Guide 2017 (.pdf)


How do I know when something new is posted in a STS Blog?

  1. Navigate to the blog.
  2. Click the Alerts button on the right of the screen
  3. Login using your Portal username and password (if you aren’t already logged in).
  4. Select Update Settings
  5. Select Logoff

Now you will get an email alert for every new post! You may watch a short video to learn more about Alerts. You can get alerts for things like Excellence in Action, the Admissions Blog, and calendar events.

How do I access Athletics Team Details?

There are two ways to access Team Details. The most common is to choose Athletics from the Parent Portal. The other way is to visit a Coach's site from My Groups, however, it is not a requirement for a Coach to host a site.

Select Athletics from the Parent Portal. From there, you can click on any team and get details (you will be asked to log in):

  • Description of the team, scores of past matches (if applicable)
  • Roster of students who have complete paperwork
  • Schedule of both games and practices.
  • FYI, there is time between when a parent submits paperwork, the office reviews and approves, and then Athletics adds to the roster. Typical duration is about 48 hours.

Get notifications of upcoming events. By selecting the bell in the Schedule, you can get email or text reminders, or click on the RSS feed to load the calendar to your personal calendar. Reference instructions at

Find the Coach's site under My Athletics

Team sites will be found under the student's My Teams and Clubs. Much of the same information will be posted on the Team Details page cited above. Under My Groups and then My Student, you will see the teams for which your student is on the roster.

How do I schedule a Parent Teacher Conference?

Access the Scheduler

  1. Go to the Parent Portal
  2. Select the Schedule a Conference link

Schedule a Conference

  1. Each colored square represents an available meeting time. The legend shows you which teacher corresponds to which color, and the times increase as you go down the page. (Note: you will not see all of your students’ teachers, just the core class teachers.) Click on a square to book that time.
  2. You will optionally have the choice of setting a time when you would like a reminder email delivered.
  3. Click "Create Appointment".

Repeat until you have a time with each teacher you'd like to meet with.

  • At any time you can click on "printable schedule" and print the resulting web page to get a hard copy of your schedule. You will also have the option to email your schedule to yourself.
  • If you want to make changes to your schedule, you may go the online scheduler via the Parent Portal to do so.
  • Click on “Your Schedule” next to your name to display appointments. There will be links to change the time, or cancel the appointment.

May two household families schedule Parent Teacher Conferences seperately?

Yes, the systems is set up to allow each parent to schedule their own conference. If you would like to attend the conferences together, have one parent do the sign-up and communicate the times to the other (or forward the email confirmation).

Tech Help

How do I make sure that I receive emails from STS?

First, make sure that your email address(es) are updated in your profile. Then, make sure to add "" domain to your email's safe sender list.

What do I do if my student breaks or loses their tablet or accessories?

Please have your student connect with Mr. Manning or Mr. Stovall first thing in the morning to help resolve the issue. It is the student's responsibility to inform us immediately of these types of issues with school issued technology.

How can I help my child with a computer problem at home?

Each student computer has "The Hub" OneNote notebook loaded on their computer. Remind your student that is available and review to see if you can find a solution. If not, use the "helpdesk" email template on their desktop to send a helpdesk request.

If you have questions about the website, please email webmaster. If you need assistance with your child's school issued tablet, please email helpdesk.