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Remote Learning

General Overview

Over the next few weeks, our greatest challenge is staying connected to each other in community. We will continue building relationships, solving problems, and celebrating learning together.  Effective Wednesday, March 18, teachers will post activities or assignments by 9:00 p.m. the night before.  All parents can access posts from their respective portals utilizing the Agenda view of the class calendar.  In addition, students in 3rd - 8th Grade can view the agenda via the student portal (username and password that they use to login to the Surface). 

In anticipation of the first day of Remote Learning, please review the following four steps, as well as a message from your respective division director (Nancy Myles, Dr. Rachel Donnelley Smith, and Alex Colledge).  If you require technical assistance, please email helpdesk with a clear description of the issue. Direct all other questions to your teacher or division director.

Parent Preparation

Prior to the first day of Remote Learning, please prepare for easy access to the Class websites (aka Teacher Pages or Class Pages)

1. Login

Ensure that you know your username and password to gain access to the Parent Portal. (Forgot Username/Password?  Students and Faculty/Staff contact tech support.)

2. Set up Agenda view 

During Remote Learning, all teachers post activities, lessons, assignments, etc., to the website class calendars.  While there are various ways to access calendar information, please set up the Agenda View

3. Bookmark the Agenda (Calendar) page

For quick and easy access, we recommend bookmarking the Calendar page.  Here are instructions for popular browsers that you may find helpful:

4. Create and Maintain a Schedule

To create more certainty, create a new sense of “normalcy” and minimize stress for your child, mental health experts recommend the importance of establishing a daily routine.  We recommend that you have a family meeting and establish a consistent routine at the start of the Remote Learning experience.  Please review the suggested schedules recommended by our STS counselors.