Summer Program Proposal

Thank you for your interest in providing a Summer Program at St. Thomas School. Please read and complete this form for each individual week of programming you hope to provide.


The proposal form must be completed in its entirety before it will be considered. The deadline for receipt of proposals is December 20, 2018.

Fees & Payment

Summer Programs run in one week intervals for half or full day sessions (Note that half-day camps will include a healthy snack and full day camps will include two snacks and a fresh, made from scratch lunch through our on-site dining program, SAGE. This is provided for all campers and instructors).

Summer Programs operate on a tiered pricing system. Instructors receive a predetermined percentage of revenue (60% for St. Thomas Staff, 70% for independent contractors) for each week of programming. All expenses for the program are the responsibility of the instructor(s). This includes supplies, additional support staff, and background check costs.

Course Approval

You will be notified regarding approval of your course. At a later date, you will receive an agreement that outlines our mutual responsibilities and payments. We may require some modifications (description, enrollment, dates, etc.).

Background Check

All summer instructors are required to submit necessary paperwork and complete a background check, along with submitting a processing and application fee of approximately $110.00. This is a non-refundable fee regardless of the outcome of the background check. This is not required for current faculty and staff who have already undergone a background check by STS as part of the hiring process.

Program Guidelines

STS sets high standards for its Summer Programs. Instructors are expected to be familiar with the Facilities Guidelines (provided by the School), which include emergency procedures, general rules, and an overview of the campus. Although this is a summer program with a slightly more relaxed environment, instructors are expected to be professional and set a learning climate that reflects the School's Guiding Principles. Respect for one another and the campus are paramount, while providing children with opportunities for exploration and discovery. Instructors are responsible for supervising their campers throughout the entire day, including transition times before and after programming.

Words of Wisdom

  • Plan carefully. Like any business enterprise, you should carefully consider your own expenses, staffing, expectations, size of courses, number of courses, level of interest, etc.
  • Instructors are responsible for supervising their campers throughout the day. If you anticipate needing extra support you are responsible for recruiting additional staff.
  • Grade ranges represent the grade students will be entering in Fall 2019, not their current grade.
  • An exciting, compelling description and course title helps summer courses fill to capacity. It is better to limit space and build a sense of anticipation, than to offer too many options or sessions.