Why Give?

St. Thomas School has many traditions including Chapel, Christmas Concert, Walkathon, Young Author’s Day, and Field Day, to name only a few. Volunteers who give of their time and expertise are at the center of these wonderful, community-building events.

Another important tradition is giving. For more than sixty years, countless parents, alumni/ae, and friends have supported the school through their generous donations. Truly, St. Thomas School owes its well-deserved reputation for academic excellence, an extraordinary learning environment, and financial health to the ongoing support of its generous donors.

Philanthropy is an extraordinarily meaningful way to become involved in the daily life and growth of the School. Why give? Each donor has his or her reasons, but for many the answer is simple: to make a difference! Every gift matters. Our funding vehicles anticipate the cyclical needs of the School, supporting current short-term and long-term goals and ensuring that every gift makes an impact.

  • Annual Fund First — An investment in the students and the faculty, Annual Fund First provides essential unrestricted dollars for current year, funding the highest priorities and immediate needs.
  • Fundraising Event — The Fundraising Event brings the St. Thomas School community together to celebrate the School and its community, providing an opportunity for friends and families to offer support for the School’s programs and initiatives.
  • Major Gifts — The School’s strategic vision is continually evolving. Major gifts support the school’s vision and provide opportunities for donors to demonstrate their passion and commitment to STS.
  • Campaign for St. Thomas School — A $30 million campaign to construct a new state of the art learning facility, to strengthen our partnership with families, faculty and community, and to support our mission, all of which support the strategic initiatives, including both short-term and long-term goals, established by the Head of School and the Trustees.
  • Endowments — Endowed gifts support students and the School’s programs for generations.

Fundraising initiatives are set forth and defined by the Board of Trustees and the Board’s Development Committee. The Development Committee is charged with supporting and promoting the overall fundraising efforts at St. Thomas School. Development staff is responsible for nurturing long-term relationships to benefit the School and volunteer fundraising activities, and are available to help donors identify gift opportunities that most closely match their own interests.

Thank you for your interest in supporting St. Thomas School. If you are interested in learning more about supporting STS or are interested in making a gift, please contact the Development Office or call 425.454.5880.

I have learned to lead, to run, to work, to care, to look ahead, and to learn from mistakes.

In this world at STS, I have been taught to think and to push limits, but most importantly, I have found my voice.

-Recent Graduates